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Finding a property solely for investment purposes has a different criteria set than finding a home to live in. There are several different forms of property investing, buy to let, property flips and hold investment strategies, and they can all vary in approach. Buyers Edge are able to work with your preferred strategy by listening to your needs and tailor-making a bespoke package which offers complete value for money.

Buyers Edge have unique and propriety data sources which we use to analyse investment properties to understand which property makes the best business case, we also help prepare the offer strategy, again using our advanced data sources. So whether you are interested in the year by year growth rate in a specific postcode, maximum rental yield or future saleability, Buyers Edge are uniquely positioned to assist the entire investment market.

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Bespoke Property Find service only (unlimited) £2200 Retainer
Bespoke Property Find service (unlimited) with Negotiation and Sales Completion Option 1. £8500 Fixed Price
Bespoke Property Find service (unlimited) with Negotiation and Sales Completion Option 2. £2200 Retainer + 15% of any saving made from list price (see Negotiation Only page) + 0.2% of sale price (see Sales Completion page)

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