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Home buying is generally the biggest expense we will face in our lives, on average every 7-8 years, therefore it is important to get it right. When it comes to house buying every client is unique and has different time scales and requirements. Our Property Find service is unlimited meaning we charge a one time fee and will search for property for as long as required, in essence until we find one that fits your needs.

We have unique searching methods which use criteria sets that are not widely available or known to the public to help pinpoint suitable properties along with use of our data packages to understand the viability of the shortlisted properties as the search progresses. Alongside our data packages we also have some useful tools to look at other criteria which is sometimes not considered, for example road and train noise at street level. We help check the background of the sale including the motivation of the seller and evaluate the price using various techniques. In some circumstances we can help you source off-market property (Property not advertised on the internet or open market)

All our products can be ‘mixed and matched’, so depending on your chosen services we can either take on the negotiation and sales completion ourselves or prepare a buying strategy for you after having identified the target property.

Our clients use our Bespoke Property Find service for all sorts of reasons including having highly demanding jobs which have time restraints for sourcing property, they live too far away or live abroad or they simply want a professional by their side from start to finish.

It is important to understand the conflict of interest, which we have as a nation, come to accept when we buy houses in that the estate agents are paid by the seller and therefore work for the seller, they do everything in their power to ‘sell’ the property and with the best terms for their client. Buyers Edge deal with the estate agent on your behalf, we are very familiar with all the tips and tricks they use and the packages they offer to the buyer to ‘help’ you through the process. In actual fact we have very good relationship with many large Estate Agents who are very receptive in working with us because they know we bring serious, vetted buyers who are ready to do business.

Estate Agents have the whole package ready for both the seller and the buyer, they get paid by referring business to different third parties like mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurers, solicitors, surveyors, architects etc. These companies are not necessarily best aligned to a buyer although they will be sold this way. Buyers Edge have our own network of third party companies we know and trust, see our ‘about us’ section for more details on our partners and why we have selected them. We are able to recommend you to these companies with the knowledge they are completely aligned to your needs as a buyer, they will offer a competitive price and professional service. Even if you don’t use our services we still highly recommend them. If you do use our services you are also entirely free to use your own selected companies – we will happily work with them too!


Bespoke Property Find service only (unlimited) £2200 Retainer
Bespoke Property Find service (unlimited) with Negotiation and Sales Completion Option 1. £8500 Fixed Price
Bespoke Property Find service (unlimited) with Negotiation and Sales Completion Option 2. £2200 Retainer + 15% of any saving made from list price (see Negotiation Only page) + 0.2% of sale price (see Sales Completion page)

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