Get the low-down on a property in minutes, before you buy

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  • Info A full rundown of the property in an instant, a vehicle HPI check, but for a house!

    Instant Survey

    Just £59.99
  • Info The e-valuation shows a wealth of data to help the home buyer construct the most realistic and effective offering strategy.


    Just £59.99
  • Info Get the benefits of both the Instant Survey and E-Valuation in 1 package at a discounted price.


    Just £119.98 £99.95

Upfront Property Information

Use the same data the Banks, Insurers and Solicitors access, before you financially commit to the purchase.

Peace of mind as you commence your purchase

Get detailed upfront property information before you buy

Calculate the perfect offer with all the facts

Market leading automated valuation techniques with a very valuable twist

Instant data that saves you money and time

Data packages designed to maximise your investment and prevent you losing money

Why Buyers Edge?

Positioned to serve the whole market...

Anyone that is serious about buying a property in the UK visits our website. We are the only property portal that is completely dedicated to the home buyer.

Whilst Buyers Edge offer a traditional Buying Agency service, for the first time in the UK propery market’s history we are now able to provide our  instant data packages to the public. In principle they are similar to conducting an HPI check on a car but for a house!

So whether you are looking for data on an address or would like to discuss how Buyers Edge can help your property  purchase, get in contact with us now.

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Buying Service

A range of expert property buying services including bespoke property find, negotiation, sales completion and our new economy services. For homeowners and investors here in the UK and overseas alike. Also find out why our renowned negotiation only service is so popular with home buyers and investors.

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