Data Package Consultations

Analysis, interpretation, advice, next steps and all your questions answered on Buyers Edge data packages!

Congratulations if you have just purchased one or both of the Buyers Edge data packages; the information you now have is hugely valuable and could save you/make you hundreds to thousands of pounds!

Buyers Edge aim to provide as much help and advice in the data package reports as possible without clouding the actual results themselves. You may have noticed a couple of adverse scores in the Instant Survey where you may require a second expert opinion, or maybe the E-valuation has identified a negotiation potential which you want to maximise.

The average person buys a house once every 7 years; Buyers Edge have been using this data for many years to acquire property for clients on a weekly basis. With so much experience analysing and working with the information contained within the datasets, Buyers Edge know how best to interpret them, when not to go ahead with adverse results and how best to use the data to gain an edge or save some money.

What's included?

  • Any questions answered
  • Best practice with adverse results
  • An analysis on your data packages
  • Negotiation preparation and strategy
  • Local Market analysis and market price
  • What to expect in the conveyancing process
  • Understanding capital valuation Vs Market valuation
  • Introduction to Buyers Edge partners, Mortgage Brokers, Solicitors, Insurers etc


45 minute consultation on either data package £60
90 minute consultation on the combined data packages (Swift Spot Check) £79.97

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