Economy Services

Looking to buy property in the UK?

Buyers Edge provide a range of economically priced services for UK home buyers. Whether you are looking for your next home to live in or crunching through the numbers on an investment property, Buyers Edge cater for all positions and circumstances with no budget being too high or too low.

If you live overseas, also no problem, Buyers Edge have a wealth of knowledge to help, and frequently serve the overseas buying community. Unlike other buying agents, Buyers Edge give the ability to ‘mix and match’ different services, creating a bespoke package around your needs and budget.

You might just need a swift property spot check, or a professional second opinion which incorporates the Buyers Edge data packages, or maybe you would like someone on call for you throughout the process.

The Buyers Edge Angel Agent service allows you to limit spending by taking on tasks yourself, but with Buyers Edge on-call to help. Whilst you search for your property, Buyers Edge provides a range of services and data to help you through the process.

Some buyers are unable to view properties for various reasons, so Buyers Edge offer a standalone buying based viewing only service.

  • Expert Advice

    Buyers Edge are property experts who only work for the buyer

  • Value for money

    Competitively priced services that maximise your return on investment

  • Unique and Bespoke

    Our services are tailored around your individual needs because every house buyer is different

Economic Buying Services

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Swift Spot Check

If you have found your potential property, are on a budget or simply want to do things yourself and just want a second opinion on the property, this service is for you.

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The Angel Agent

The Angel Agent Service is a more economical option for those wishing to save money but reap the benefits of a buying agency.

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Viewing Only

Whether you live abroad, live too far away or are strapped for time and need to shortlist property, Buyers Edge offer a viewing only service for the buyer!

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A range of expert property buying services, including Negotiation, Sales Completion and our new Economy Services

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