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Whether you live abroad, live too far away or are strapped for time and need to shortlist property we offer a viewing only service.

All industries have been encouraged to do as much as possible remotely for environmental reasons in recent years, but the catalyst to do even more from home is the Covid-19 epidemic. Estate agents have reacted to this with some really useful cutting edge tools which allow you to virtually view the property, but remember, they work for the seller and whilst these virtual viewings are very helpful they are engineered to sell the property.

Whatever your reason Buyers Edge offer a viewing only service which seeks to appeal to a buyer, we will video call you and take you around the house, you can ask us to view any aspect we can physically get to that you wish. If you are not familiar with the area we will also do a walk around and approach to the property (something the agents don’t do).

What's Included?

  • Video walk around
  • Surrounding area and property approach
  • You direct us at any stage
  • We view for you as a buyer with no conflict of interest
  • Identify any obvious visible issues


Viewing Only £150

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