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The Negotiation Service offers absolute value for money, in short, if Buyers Edge do not succeed in negotiating you a discount we do not get paid! Our fee is only payable upon exchange of contracts, meaning if the property purchase does not go ahead there is nothing to pay.

Buyers Edge have truly expert people who are specifically trained in negotiation. We are very adept in understanding the estate agent’s strategies because we speak to them everyday. In addition to this, with our advanced data sources we are able to discover key information about the seller and subject property to maximise the negotiation in our favour.

Remember, the estate agent works for and is negotiating on behalf of the seller, they make a living out of negotiating for the seller, they have a lot of practice and have the benefit of dealing with both parties most of the time, so it only makes sense to have an expert negotiating for you. Buying a house can be emotional and if you have found your dream property it is easy to let the negotiation take second place over securing the property, being able to read the estate agent is key to success.

Quick and easy to apply, contact us now and we can talk you through the process so we can negotiate on your behalf.

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  • Buyers Edge Negotiate on your behalf
  • You save money from list price or we don't get paid
  • Only payable on exchange, if the property falls through there is nothing to pay


Negotiation Only 15% of amount saved from list price (only paid on exchange)

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