Why Buyers Edge?

A professional service with industry leading technology

Buyers Edge is the only UK property platform dedicated solely to the home buyer. In contrast to other major property markets, typically in the UK, a seller will use an estate agent and a buyer will represent themselves. Buyers Edge and their interests are completely aligned to the home buyer, meaning unlike estate agents we do not have any conflicts of interest.

Estate agents who work for and have a financial interest in the seller can appear to represent the buyer’s best interests, as they deal with both parties, but they are solely working to establish the best result, price and terms for their vendor. Many people do not identify this conflict of interest, choose to ignore it or challenge it by themselves.

Buyers Edge offer an alternative solution for the home buyer with competitively priced bespoke packages tailored around client’s needs; Buyers Edge are also the founders of the new and pioneering property data packages which provide upfront property information for the UK home buyer before they purchase a property.

Propriety Data

The Buyers Edge bespoke data packages cannot be found anywhere else


Buyers Edge are experienced property professionals


Buyers Edge align their prices to accommodate the whole market

You're in safe hands

The Buyers Edge data packages 'pull' information from renowned and respected companies that specialise and lead the way in their markets.

The data is driven from the same sources that leading Banks, Insurance companies, Solicitors and Surveyors use to make decisions about your property purchase behind the scenes.

A non-exhaustive list of the sources that Buyers Edge obtain the data from include The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, Land Registry, The Royal Mail, GOV.UK, Zoopla, CACI, Registers of Scotland and Bluesky International.

Some of the organisations that rely on the same data sources Buyers Edge pull from include some well know establishments such as the Bank of England, British Land, Nationwide as well as 7 other of the top 10 banks, Aviva amongst many of the other UK’s leading insurers, The Department for Communities and Local Government alongside various local authorities such as the City of Westminster. The list is massive, but the point is short, the data can be relied upon.

Buyer’s Edge are also able to offer traditional buying agency services with the guarantee of a professional service. Buyers Edge are fully insured members of the Property Redress Scheme, registered and supervised by HMRC in respect to anti-Money laundering.

Buyers Edge Partners

Buyers Edge have partnered with big property brands in order to provide value for money for our customers.

Buyers Edge have partnered with big property brands in order to provide value for money for their customers.

The Buyers Edge partners understand the value, accuracy and reliability of the data and services provided; therefore, the Buyers Edge customers can receive significant discounts which are exclusive to clients.

The Buyers Edge partners have been rigorously selected to be aligned to our business model – offering value for money with high levels of customer service and expert property industry knowledge, they are also known to Buyers Edge and understand their excellent communicative methods which help speed the buying process up and remove some of the complexity.

With reputable and established brands including Radcliffe & Newlands Independent Mortgage brokers (a free service where the lender pays the brokerage commission not the client), A-Plan Insurance (independent specialist insurance broker) and The Partnership – award winning property solicitors; using any of the Buyers Edge partners will provide excellent value for money and service levels. Buyers Edge have been on the receiving end of budget choices time and time again. From low cost Solicitors to unfit insurance policies with a small price tag, Buyers Edge promote their partners as much as possible because they are worth every £ spent, it can make a huge difference to the sales completion process.

Whilst it is not essential to use the Buyers Edge partners, you are free to use whoever you like, but be sure to do extensive research and read reviews. Even if you are trying to work on a budget, do not cut corners and risk using a budget solicitor, it will end up costing you more than the money you saved! Even if you do not choose to use any Buyers Edge services, the trusted partners we work with are still highly recommended.

Buyers Edge believe in complete transparency; our partners do pay a referral fee, it is no secret in the industry and all companies that recommend other companies should make it clear they will be receiving a commission for doing so, it’s normal practice in the market. With this transparency and understanding, Buyers Edge’s clients are free to use whoever they like with no change in the services offered.

Buyers Edge know buying a property is an expensive process, so some of the referral fees negotiated with the partners have been arranged to be given back to the Buyers Edge clients. For example, if you insure your property with Buyers Edge recommendation to A-Plan, A-Plan will give you a £25 introductory discount! It’s not a lot, but Buyers Edge try to minimise costs for their customers where possible.


Buyers Edge competitively priced services save you time and money


Buyers Edge services can give BIG and exclusive discounts for our clients


Buyers Edge partners are established market leaders that understand the benefits of our property services