The Angel Agent

The Angel Agent service is the economical option for those wanting the benefits of a buying agent.

Moving house can be expensive, everybody is trying to collect their fee, buyers and sellers are doing their best to select value for money whilst ensuring corners are not cut and service levels are high. Buying Agents are notoriously expensive and generally look after the elite, but Buyers Edge is different. All Buyers Edge services are positioned very competitively in the market to appeal to all buyers, whether you are spending £100,000 or £10,000,000, every case is treated with the same level of service.

Everyone’s budgets are different and not everyone needs or can justify using a buying agents full core services, so after popular demand Buyers Edge launched the Angel Agent service. It is a more economical option for those who are on a tighter budget but would still like the benefits of a buying agency.

With the Angel Agent service, you are able to limit spending by taking on tasks yourself, but with Buyers Edge on-call to help. Whilst you search for your property, Buyers Edge provide useful viewing tips and give you advice on reading the estate agent, including what you should and shouldn’t tell them and how you can view properties which aren’t yet on the market.

Once you have found your property, you will receive both of the Buyers Edge data packages with a full consultation on your chosen property. The skilled staff at Buyers Edge will prime you with all the facts and then help to prepare your negotiation strategy. After negotiation comes the sales completion, where you will be introduced to the Buyers Edge partners. In the sales completion stage, Buyers Edge are again on call for help and advice, whether it’s to answer a question, help communicate with the chain or overcome any problems identified in the conveyancing process.

Any questions you might have can be answered by your Angel Agent at any time, you can call, email or video conference.

What's Included?

  • How to view properties before they come to market, and best practices for property sourcing
  • Tips on viewings and reading Estate Agents
  • Any question answered in property search stage
  • Local market analysis
  • Swift spot check service (Includes both Data Packages and Consultation)
  • Understanding capital valuation
  • Pre-offer final checks
  • Negotiation strategy planning
  • Any questions answered in the negotiating stage
  • Tips on best sales completion
  • Any questions answered in the sales completion stage
  • Problem solving using expert knowledge and trusted partners
  • Introduction to Buyers Edge partners, Mortgage Brokers, Solicitors, Insurers etc


The Angel Agent Service £799

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