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You or Buyers Edge have found the perfect property and negotiated the perfect price, but it is not all over just yet. In the UK, the sales completion process is relatively lengthy and not always straightforward. Approximately 1 in 5 property sales do not complete, they “fall through” or the chain breaks down in the sales completion process. This is usually due to of a lack of upfront property information.

That said, more times than not, a problem in the sales completion stage can be resolved to the point where the buyer is able to proceed with confidence and the property sale completes. Communication is always key so all parties feel confident in the transaction. Whether there is a flood issue identified in the searches or problems found with the building survey (two of the most common issues), Buyers Edge and our trusted partners offer expert consultancy and real solutions to overcome problems in the sales completion stages. You will always be represented or given advice, so you don’t feel pressured to rush in the final stages.

Buyer Representation

Estate agents ‘chase the sale’ through to completion on the sellers’ behalf as part of their service to them, whilst the buyer is typically left with no representation and has to rely on the estate agent’s direction, this causes a huge conflict of interest.

It is important to have representation as a buyer and an expert chasing the sale on your behalf because it can impact the outcome of the sale, saving you time and money, in the most critical situations it can be the difference between the sale proceeding or falling through. The staff at Buyers Edge undertake all of the chasing activities with the buyer’s best interests in mind, which includes getting updates from the solicitors involved, chasing the mortgage application process, putting related parties in contact with each other and keeping you informed along the way.

Buyers Edge Sales Completion service is very competitively priced to encompass the whole market. You can either add this service to use alongside others in our portfolio or use it as a standalone service. Buyers Edge only work for the buyer (unlike estate agents) therefore there is never a conflict of interest.


Sales Completion 0.4% of sale price

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