Property Reports

Decision making, upfront property information

Your postcode and address have a wealth of data stored inside them, through extensive partnerships Buyers Edge have enabled a method for the home buyer to obtain upfront property information instantly. This data has been vastly unavailable to the public until now and Buyers Edge are proud to be the first and only to independently offer this information to the UK home buyer.

There is an industry with a totally different and advanced tool set to make major economic and risk-based decisions and analysis on your potential property. Banks, Insurers, The Government, Property Solicitors and Property Search/Legal indemnity solutions companies use the same data sources Buyers Edge pull from to make and share decisions about your property purchase that the home buyer is usually unaware of.

Your solicitor will also rely on some of the same data sources that the Instant Survey provides, when conducting their searches on your property purchase, therefore this data is also really useful by being able to highlight potential issues that might present themselves in the sales completion process, as well as potential problems with mortgage lending and insuring.

Buyers Edge encourage the use of upfront property information to allow home buyers to make the same decisions that others in the industry are using to make decisions about your property purchase.

The property data packages are similar to a vehicle HPI check but for houses, you wouldn’t risk buying a car without an HPI check so why take the risk on a house. Buyers Edge encourage use before offering to help give peace of mind and to help you formulate a negotiation strategy.

This upfront information is an investment in its own right, as it can be the difference between going ahead or pulling out of a house purchase. This bespoke data can give you an advantage when negotiating a better price, securing a sound investment with good prospects of future saleability, discovering if there is a problem insuring the property and understanding if the house is mortgageable, allowing you to potentially save hundreds (and in many instances thousands) of pounds in the sales completion stage. (On average a buyer loses £2000 in costs on a property that falls through).

When it comes to making an offer, home buyers are left with basic tools of sale history and automated valuation models, that are not always correct.

The  E-Valuation is perfect for those looking for a new approach to generate the perfect entry price. Imagine knowing that the seller you are negotiating with has no debt, no mortgage and likely savings in the bank, would this information change the way you might consider your entry price?

Whilst Buyers Edge always advocate the use of the usual due diligence such as previous sale history, the E-Valuation is the perfect addition, engineered to work only for the buyer, disrupting the agents plan of obtaining the highest amount possible for the seller.

Buyers Edge have been using these tools successfully with our clients for many years.